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The benefit of experience

In Exalon Delft we have a combined experience of 26 years with explosion-proof design of temperature, servo- radar and capacitive gauges for tank storage and petrochemical industries. Over the years we have followed the evolving standards that apply to this.

These standards are not to be saen as a recipe book with solutions but as a key for security. Dankzij talloze interacties met certificeringinstituten hebben wij een uitgebreid oplossingenrepertoire kunnen opbouwen. Through countless interactions with certification bodies, we have build a comprehensive solution repertoire. From which you can benefit!

Product quality

We clearly have one thing in mind and that is quality. Instruments for hazardous areas are often expensive to purchase and to install. Zowel de werking als de veiligheid dient voor een zeer lange levensduur gegarandeerd te zijn. Both the operation and safety must be guaranteed for a very long time.

Quality of design

Not only the product has a long life but the design itself as well.

Due to the high costs of developing and certifying explosion proof products and the often small numbers each year are produced, it is undesirable to make frequent redesigns. This means that while designing it is vital to consider the availability of components over a long period (3 to 10 years). Also, design decisions in the gray areas of explosionsafety within that period in time may be explicitly excluded, thereby preventing a redesign.

We pride ourselves that some of our designs are still in production after more then 14 years.

Quality of documentation

Whether you are desinging in-house or externally, you can never assume that the original designer will be available in the distant future. Clear design documentation is essential for quickly understanding the original design when some components become obsolete.

This will save you al lot of time and money.

In all our projects, we take care to produce documentation of the required quality.