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Explosion safety is a very specialized field of study, that relies on scientific foundations as well as expert opinions. As knowledge expands constantly insights are subject to change. Staying up-to-date can be time consuming.

Since during certification an extensive checklist is followed and the importance to do this thoroughly, the processing time is quite long. Because the notified body can only start the certification process when all necessary information (design descriptions, manuals, productions specimens) are available. Even then chances are that the certification (that by then is already in the production phase) is denied.

Because of the necessary confidentiality requirements the possibilities for the notified body to advise a solution when certification problems occur are limited.

Exalon can use it's experience to help maximize the chance of ‘first time right’.

This is especially the case when deviations from the standards are necessary and the notified body requires testing to ensure the necessary safety levels are met.

Example: the standard EN50020 gives tables and graphs showing maximum values for capacitance (as a function of the maximum voltage) and induction (as a function of the maximum current). These tables and graphs however are not applicable to combinations of capacitance and inductance. Moreover, a linear (resistance limited) power supply is assumed. In practice, power supplies are often non-linear and both capacitances and inductances are present. In those situations the standard prescribes testing.

Exalon can apply ‘known good solutions’ to get more out of your design and increase the chances of successful testing.

With the ATEX directive coming into force, much more equipment needs to adhere to explosion safety legislation. Often non-explosion safe equipment will need to be adapted to the safety requirements using minimal changes, without disrupting normal functionality.

Exalon has apart from the knowledge of explosion safety, also knowledge of measurement technique and understands how to keep the functional operation of your equipment intact.

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