HARTŪ Protocol stack

Exalon Delfts HART protocol stack designed especially for Renesas M16C microcontrollers, one of the worlds most favorite microcontrollers for Fieldbus applications.

HART Test Bench

Test your HART Device for HART Protocol Conformity and develop device specific tests.

Smart HART Modem

A USB HART Modem with build in HART Master to provide compliant timing and bus behaviour.

X62U Universal Multi-Input Transmitter with HARTŪ protocol

Connects various industry standard RTD (resistance) and thermocouple (mV) sensors as well as capacitive sensors to virtually any Hart master.

X62T Universal Tank Thermometer with HARTŪ protocol

This special version has been programmed to interface virtually any standard tank thermometer sensor to virtually any Hart master (including several high-end tank gauges from world class manufacturers).

Exalon Track Ex

De Exalon Track Ex is an Intrinsically Safe (Ex ib), industrial GSM phone with GPS and Man Down alarm.

This unique phone enables users to enter hazardous areas ALONE. In case of emergency an SMS message with the GPS location of the bearer will be sent to the alarm center.